Still working on my problem user (they aren't the problem but their account

About a year ago they had an iPhone, used gmail account to bounce their GW
appointments up to gmail and down to their iphone, they had issues, not all
their appointments would sync. Appointments from device to GW would work
however at times not all their ones from GW to the iphone would be sent.

Same user got tired of this so they went on a blackberry & BES. No problems,
sync worked perfectly.

Now that user decided to go back to the iPhone 4 and with moblity in
production guess what? Same sync problems as they had when they had an
iPhone prior which seems to be getting worse (see my prior disappearing
appointment post).

At first, SOME appointments from GW appear an then disappear (right in front
of the user as they would be looking at the calendar on the iPhone); A
re-iniitalize would fix it. Now it's worse, NO appointments go to the
device from GW but device to GW works fine.

I have ran DB maint on this user's account, deleted the account from
Mobility and the device, nothing seems to help.

What should I look at? Email works fine, this is just the calendar that's a