My travel has decreased a lot -but I still hit the road 10 weeks a year or so. Hopefully less if the TSA strip searching is going to continue -TSA would make my wife jealous. LOL.

So having them go to site is a need 'in an emergency'. If its simple things like cosmetics -those can wait of course.

Good info -and definitely a weak spot for Apple. Hopefully they will ramp this service up in the coming year(s). For me its more an 'insurance' thing then anything else. I would hate to be onsite and have the laptop 'give out' --yet-- in my years this has never happened....knock knock on wood.

Love the iMac though -yet very big to carry into a store to get work done. Still very effective/productive machine. And with VMWare Fusion -its a real workhorse -I can have 4 VM's running and still do video conversions/editing stuff and rarely does the fan need to kick into high to keep things cool -if you catch the drift.

Take Care.

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From: DZanre<>
Date: 11/23/2010 8:30 AM
Subject: Re: Square Trade vs. AppleCare
DZanre <> wrote:

> It depends on what the problem is. They had my MacBook back in about 8
> hours when I needed a new keyboard (mostly cosmetic, but still under
> AppleCare and I decided to push for it - I wear out the key caps -
> heehee). Otherwise it's been 48 hours if they need to send it in. Drop
> off on Tuesday, for example, and have it back Thursday.

Oh - and since I do stick pretty close to home most weeks, I don't have
the same needs as someone who travels a lot (are you still doing that)?
I personally am not terribly put out with 48 hour turnaround generally.

Danita -