Hi everyone, I have setup an ifolder server on my local network.

I have 3 linux machines running as ifolder 3.8 clients and have installed ifolder client 3.8 on a Mac

Access to it via browser (both /ifolder and /admin ) work fine both http annd https,

ifolder client access works fine on all of my linux machines, but for some reason I cannnot get it to work on the Mac.

I am far from an expert on Mac - truth be told, I hate them and think they are pretty awful machines, but it is what I have been charged with.

when trying to create a new account on the mac machine it goes through the ssl permanently accept certificate procedure etc, but then just fails on the login saying it is an invalid username or password.

I definitely have the user credenntials correct and have also tried with different user accounts that are setup on the server, but no luck.

i have run the ifolder client from the terminal to see if there are any extra messages to indicate where things are failing, but no joy - i just get the gui message that the user or password were invalid.

please help to suggest anything else to test - unfortunately it is not an option NOT to have this mac in the organisation and it is driving me mad.