Hi All -

I am having great difficulties trying to get drivers uploaded to iPrint for Mac OS. I have searched and searched and read the threads in the forums, but I have yet to be successful.

Here's where I am at right now.

We are running Netware 6.5 SP8 and on my Windows 7 machine I have iPrint client 5.4.

As others have, I have found out that iManager does not support uploading of drivers from Mac OS. Which is fine, since I have access to an XP machine for uploading drivers. So, I go to /Library/Printers/PPD/Contents/Resources on my Mac and I see a lot of .gz files. I'm assuming these are the printer drivers, right?

So, I've copied that entire directory to a USB drive and have taken it over to an XP machine. I unzip the .gz files I need with 7-zip -- so, HP Color Laserjet 4730 MFP.gz extracts HP Color Laserjet 4730. I now go to iManager and attempt to upload from a file under Mac but it finds nothing as the extracted file had not been given a .ppd extension.

I then go and add the .ppd extension to the HP Color Laserjet 4730 MFP file. Now iManager can see it and I am able to upload it and I associate the driver to the correct printer.

Back on the Mac the iPrint client installation goes through fine. I restart my browser and go to the iPrint printers page to install a printer. I click on the printer that I've uploaded and associated a driver for and I get "iPrint encountered a problem trying to retrieve information from the printer. iPrint Client -- The requst contained bad syntax".

What am I missing or what am I doing wrong?

Any help is appreciated, I've been spinning my wheels for 3 days now!