I am developing an application using ObjectAPI to access the Appointments from the user mailbox which have Reccurance (ie AutoDates) set to Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly on windowsZP Groupwise Client.

The ObjectAPI provides two methods they are objAppointment.AutoDates() which provides the list of recursive appointments objects but i am unable to find the required properties by which we can come to know the following :

i) Type of Reccurance (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly)
ii) The Interval between the days.
iii) The weekdays set (like Monday or Tuesday .....)

Please help me out,as i am able to access simple appointments but the ObjectAPI.Appointment do not provide methods for recursive calendars.

Is there any other API to do so or there is any limitation for ObjectAPI regarding reccursion.

Thanks & Regards,
Anup Wadekar.