Hello, I'm trying to learn myself adminstudio (i'm from Wise package studio), and i need some help:

1. I use the repackager (client) to create an msi.
So i start the repackager and points to the setup.exe that must run. and i install the app (to a network share in this case f:).
2. After that i edit the msi within the repackager on the server. To remove the files he has monitored to the network share, and remove some other ****. In this case i choose for EXCLUDE FOLDER/ EXCLUDE ALL.
3. Then i create the msi (still in the repackager on the server), and then i choose for edit the windows installer msi to do some more enhancements.

What i see in the installshield editor is that my excluded folders are still there? And when creating the MSI (F7) i get a big file with all the files included that i''ve though excluded!

So the first question is: Why are the exclusions still included?

Second question. Most of the time my "INSTALLDIR" is on a directory that i want to exclude/remove from the msi. (in this case my INSTALLDIR was a networkshare).
the standard is c:\Program Files\My organization\My project , But if there are no files in the msi , for example only regkeys and odbcs etcetc. He is creating that directory (empty ofcourse).

Is it a problem if i set the installdir standard to "c:\windows" for such msi's?

I hope someone can tell me this (i don't had that problem in Wise PackageStudio)