I've asked this over at community.ifolder.com but there seem to be a lot more people here, so apologies for the duplication if you've already seen it there!

After 2 full days of trying, I finally have a working iFolder server installation with LDAP on opensuse 11.3! Who'd have known that the latest official client is actually incompatible with the latest server ... OK I guess I should have twigged that it was a higher version number, but I'd have thought that such an important difference would perhaps warrant a more significant digit change? For all those other people on the forums talking about working web access but broken clients ... check your versions *very* carefully!

I digress.

I'm a developer looking for an open source version of "dropbox" and it seems to me that ifolder fits the bill really rather nicely. However for it to be useful for me, I need to be able to interact with the server files programatically and I see references dotted around to the simias webservices api that can perhaps be accessed via soap.

I can't find any documentation for it though :(

So my questions are;

1) Is there any documentation for the API and if so, where might it be please?

2) Would it be possible using the API, for a program to interact with the server and process (read) files matching certain criteria. I'm imagining here that the program would log in as the user (or an administrator) and be able to see the folders, files etc that have been stored and get a filehandle to the data.

Since I wrote that, I've discovered that the files live in the data directory in a structure that seems to involve a guid per ifolder and so I could half solve my query by manually tying each guid to a userid by using the web admin tool and some paper - but as you might imagine, I really want to automate this.

My goal is to use iFolder as a way of getting documents into a CMS system - I can get files into the CMS programatically OK and it uses the same LDAP as the iFolder install does, so my task is basically tying simias data folders back to LDAP users. I'm sure this is all relatively trivial using the API, but I can't find any examples...

If anyone happens to have anything working in Perl, that would be a great starting point and I'd be happy to contribute work back in return, but failing that, API examples in any moderately high level language is fine by me.