I apologize if this is a duplicate thread, however I am pressed for time.

I am in the process of deploying (my first) two Windows 7 Pro clients in an OES Netware environment. I have installed SP8 and the relevant patches for iPrint and Windows 7 clients, and am able to perform all the necessary iPrint actions in iManager. I'll also note that I have turned off the UAC stuff on the two Windows 7 clients.

When I right-click on the iPrint icon in the System Tray, IE8 launches to the "iPrint Printers page." I select the printer that I want to install and specify that it will be my default printer and click the "OK" button. The ["iPrint Printer Installation" - "Installing Printer"] box opens and the progress bar animates as it should, but the process never completes; it simply stays there in that condition. I note that there is an initial burst of hard drive activity (Hard drive LED) which then settles down to a regular pattern of two quick bursts and 9 evenly spaced flickers - an obvious "query/awaiting response" pattern.

After waiting a sufficient period of time I launched the Task manager and ended the process. I then looked and found that the printer actually installed, but I'm not sure whether it "completely" installed, because when I select "Printing Preferences" for the printer the "HP Universal Printing" window opens, but it will not allow me to close it (the window) regardless of whether I click "OK" or "Cancel".

Finally, I went to the other computer and installed a printer for which I had the driver that was not the HP Universal Print driver. It worked properly and was completed in less than 20 seconds.

Is there a TID that addresses this behavior?

Bill Kreps
Technology Director
Northeastern Wayne School Corporation
Fountain City, IN.