Windows 7 64 bit client give me an error when i try to connect to my i folder system. An error was encountered while connecting to ifolder server. please verify the information entered and try again if the problem persists, please contact your network administrator.

The server is a suse server that I have setup with LDAP authencation
This server works on the web interface and on my linux client but as soon as i try to connect a windows client to it i am unable to connect.

I have tried this with fresh install of ifolder 3.7 server & ifolder 3.8 server
I have tried this with ifolder client 3.8.0 &
I have tried both the fqdn and the ip to connect to the server
I have tried both ssl and nonssl in my settings.
I have tried running as administrator
I have tried reinstalling the client several times
I have rebooted the server.
I enabled debug mode on the server interface and i see no connection errors in there.

The questions i have is where is the log file for the windows client?
Is there an easy fix for this issue?
Why does my web interface and linux client work and not my windows 7 one?
Is there any other information you will need to help me fix this issue?