I'm trying to figure out how I could use ifolder to be a bridge between users laptops/folders, and their home directories. Is there a way to override the folder structure, so that instead of /var/data/simias/data/simias/SimiasFiles/08/8xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxx it can be an smb mount?
We have 280 users, with some home directories in \\vault1\home\username, and some in \\vault1\home\region\username

would I have to add datastores for all 280 users, and point each one to the smb share?
is there a way to bulk add datastores, and control when a user creates their default ifolder, that it gets created in that datastore, and is called ifolder, instead of xxx-xxx-xxx?

Barry Smoke
Network Administrator
AR Division of Legislative Audit