Good Morning,

I'm testing out Mobility Pack v1.0 bld 183 with a few different devices. One of my colleagues has an iPhone that worked without any problems whatsoever (woo hoo)! I have a Treo 850 (Windows Mobile 6.1) that I'm having nothing but problems with and can't even get it to do a basic sync. Here's what I've done:

-- Hard reset the phone
-- Cycled the datasync processes on the GWMS server
-- Configured ActiveSync with both the GWMS IP address and host name (not at the same time)
-- Connected both via my cell connection and 802.1b wireless network (not at the same time)
-- Cleared all devices from my Mobility user screen (my user shows up but "Never Connected (Uninitialized)" in the device list
-- De-selected sync'ing of mail, contacts, calendar, tasks in turn just to reduce the amount of data and eliminate possible problems

I'm at a loss what to try next! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!!!