Hello everybody!

I finally managed to install properly iFolder on a server, and the client on a few computers. Unfortunately, I was suprised to see there is no functionality to upload from the server to the ifolders structure.
I need to achieve this because the server I used is also used as a datacenter; I hoping to make the data available to each user directly on their own desktop using the mechanism integrated in the iFolder framework.
Obviously, I would like to avoid copying back with ssh or ftp the files to one local client, and forth to the server using iFolder.
The simplest thing would be to install a client on the server machine as well. Unfortunately, the folder monitoring function only works for graphical client, and my server does not have X installed.
So my last resort would be to connect by ssh to the server machine, then start a non graphical web browser, connect to https://localhost/ifolder/ and share each file one by one... Really time consuming and annoying!
Does someone have any suggestion?
Thanks a lot for your help!