We've got a zen 10.3.1 that's behaving badly,
we've got novell support that's sleeping...( Ooooold SR..)

Customer's got 8 offices, were one was running Win7/64bit and that was
the main site using/needing zen 10. The rest of the wan/lan's are
still at zen7.

So,, we got order to begin the migration to zen10 for the whole setup
due to win7 becoming the standard ws at all offices.
And, this coincides with the fact that the office that was maybe
80/90% of the ws's/users in Zen10 has been sold of, so we are looking
into re-doing the whole setup from scratch again instead of looking
for solutions to the current issues.

After that long intro; the question Im wondering about;
since we plan to do a roll-out from scratch again and since the impact
on current zen 1x users will be minimal; would the safest bet be zen10
or zen11 ?

Zen10 more patched and updated right now, but who knows, updates and
fixes might come quicker to zen11 ?

We've had MAJOR pains with zen-agents not logging in with 10.3.x
applied, we right now have a zen 10 install that refuses to create new
bundles with a bunch of java-errors
(which our SR should have done something with, but,,haven't...

So,, maybe ??,, zen11 a better products (lessons learned ?)
or, a bunch of new features but even more beta-feeling..?

anyone's that tested/ran both and got any impression ?