The ZCM 10 documentation has a section named "System Planning, Deployment,
and Best Practices". I can't seem to find this for ZCM 11. To cut to the
chase, ZCM 10 documentation has the following section:

Table 3-2 Database Platform and Supported Number of Devices
Database Platform
Number of devices

Sybase (embedded)
As many as 1,000

Sybase (remote)
As many as 1,500

Microsoft SQL Server 2005
1,500 to 40,000

Oracle 10g
1,500 to 40,000

I can't find anything even remotely like this in the ZCM 11 documentation.
Perhaps I'm not looking in the correct part of the documentation?

If it was removed from the 11 documentation on purpose, then I'm curious if
that means the limits have been expanded? For instance, I'd like to use
Sybase and get to the 40,000 supported device number.

Thanks in advance!