I was trying to copy printer profiles from one server to another, and the winxp ones copied just fine, but anytime I tried to copy the win7-x86 ones over I would receive the following error:

Error: Copy Printer Driver Profile Failure Print Manager name: svr1_mgr.ou.o Request (CLIENT_ERROR) - bad status code (0x400) IPP Error: 0x400

I tried this from a couple machines, both servers imgr, same error.
iprint client 556
oes2sp2+sles10sp3 x86 fully patched up to this past thurs (no oes2sp3 yet)
/etc/hosts on both servers references each other, not to mention the XP profiles copy fine, just not the Win7-x86 profiles, so communication should be "fine".
I restarted apache2/novell-tomcat/ipsmd/idsd on both servers, no change

also I have a function question -
Is there some way that iPrint supports "queue locking", where if someone submits a job that any jobs they submit in the next 30 seconds or so will print along with it, so that other's print jobs do not interrupt theirs? There is an odd app that if it has a 25 page print job will print 25 separate 1 page print jobs, instead of one big print job. If someone else submits a job while that one is going it intermixes, making a huge printjob mess.