I have a user with Nokia E5 (our std device) who is having difficulty synchronising mail. I had the device working but realised that all his contacts were selected which was a problem as it resulted in multiple duplicates.

So I removed the user from mobility connector, removed user from GroupWise connector, re-added the user, selected only required contacts, mail and calendar.

the mail and calendar refuse to sync now.! I reinitialised the user, resycn'd the device, and still no luck. I can send a mail from the device no problem. Mobility Monitor status shows the following:

Converted Events Syncing To Device 0
Items Synced To Device 18
Pending Events From Device 0
Device Events Sent To Sync Engine 0
Device Events Failed In Send To Sync Engine 0

However these 18 do not appear on the device.

The Folders list shows 0 items pending or syncd . I also reset the device to factory settings in thehope that this would resolve it also - but no.

Ran gwcheck on the user for syncfix issues and still no luck

Help please - this is quite frustrating