I added 10 new Epics to our mobility group today (android 2.1-update1 firmware).

The first 5 went fine, no problems.
The second 5 refuse to connect to the server.

I have rebooted/recycled all involved servers, hard rebooted phones, tried multiple accounts. But no matter what, the phones still time out on "checking incoming server settings" (the 3rd page in the exchange setup, after you put in the server name), and then I get a message to force close the program: "Activity (in process Email) is not responding": force close/wait.

It's acting like the mobility server is refusing to allow the new phones to connect. The process manager on the phones reports that the email isn't burning up the CPU (generally around 0%).

Note that all the previous phones still work, and I can remove an account and add accounts to them just fine.

The new phones are fully active web/phone/etc. In fact, I can even open the web console page (http://SERVER:8120) on the mobility server from the phones that cannot connect to it!

Any ideas?