zenworktodo.exe is an executable only compatible in WinPE 2.0 x86. The version is from 2009 thats included in ZCM 11.0 with the old ZCM 10 logo. I am unable to use this tool against a ZCM 11 server to take image in .wim format, I get unspecified errors as output from the tool, yet the server has no record of it ever asking it. The server I query is a SLES 11 SP1 64bit with ZCM 11.0 installed and Firewall turned off in the same subnet.

- This tool does not work in WinPE 2.0 with architecture amd64
- ZCM 11 does not support several different WinPE engines, ie if you have i386, thats the one you have.
- Uploading a different version of either winpe or imagex.exe than those already in place, only "touches" the files, not overwriting.
- Better documentation regarding usage of the third party engine would be nice