I just set up a new VM using the ZCM 11 Virtual Appliance. I currently have it running as an evaluation copy. I have licensing for the product, and I have an Activation Code in my Customer Center Home on Novell.com.

Here is my question: Is there any way to use/input this code in the Virtual Appliance to have it contact Novell to get a Product Key? I know I can use the Activation Code to get a Product Key in my Customer Center Home on Novell.com, but it warns the following:

"Registering an activation code on this page will enable you to receive many of the benefits of your purchase, but potentially not all of them. The ability for a machine to receive automatic updates can only be granted by using the registration mechanism on that machine, such as the Novell Customer Center YaST module."

Also, I did find this: NOVELL: Registering and Updating SUSE Linux Enterprise 10

Which tells how to update SLES10. I don't even have a Software Option in my YaST.

Any help? Should I just get the Product Key from my Customer Center on Novell.com? Or is there a way to do this via the Appliance?