We upgraded from ZCM 10.3 to 11.0 and overall stability has improved quite a bit. Auto-Upgrade of the agents did fail on some machines, however, but once the agent was manually deinstalled, wiped and reinstalled, the 11.0 agent seems to be much more stable than the 10.3 version.

However, on one Windows 2008 R2 Serrver there is an issue that can't be resolved, not even with manual reinstallation: Most of the time the ZESService.exe service is causing up to 100% CPU load. No relevant warnings or errors in any Windows event log nor in ZFD log. Terminating ZESService.exe causes an immediate reboot. Everything else is working as expected. There is nothing special about this server, it is a fairly new and fresh windows installation and there are no policies active.

Any ideas?