I deployed the update from zcm 10.3.1 to 13 Windows 7x64 machines and have had some issues.

1. When you log into the machines it will try to log the user in and then it will show just the background of the startup screen and not move. At this point I have to power the machine down with the power button. Sometimes this will not happen and it will login fine.

2. Since the install, the machines will randomly start locking up out of the blue. This will happen at random times. It will start with one application and then lock up the rest of the machine then I will be forced to shut the machine down to fix it.

3. After the deployment each device gave 6 errors with this information:
Could not add bundle f95f892b0a8a9c739096e1c6af93bf86 to session

Uninstalling the agent fixes these issues as soon as its restarted. I have done a clean install of the agent on a fresh machine, I still need to do some testing, however initial signs show that it does not display the same symptoms.

Has anyone made this jump on win7x64 machines without similar findings? Any input or help would be appreciated. At this point uninstalling the agent is my only solution.