First, I would like to suggest to the modeators that a category for "Migration" in ZCM 11 may be a good addition...

I am trying to migrate workstation objects from ZEN 7 to ZCM 11. I can list/migrate objects in my tree's O= container, but no workstations will ist in any OU=? According to the ZCM 11 documenttion:

eDirectory containers that you queue are converted into folders containing all of the Workstation objects that exist in eDirectory under those contexts. If you select a container in the Source eDir Tree panel and drag it to the Destination Zone panel, all subcontainers and their Workstation objects are also placed in the Destination Zone panel in their respective folders.
I have tried migrating the containers, per this direction, and get ONLY to Folder objects in ZCM. If I go back and browse eDir to an OU I get no workstations listing?

I will trace LDAP to see if I see anything funny and post anything relevent, but does anyone know what may be up?