We currently have a ZEN 6.5 environment running on 3 Netware 6.5 SP8 servers with approximately 3000 workstations, 300 application objects, and 1000 policies.

Management has decided that we will be migrating our environment to AD with Windows 2008 Server but they might be willing to keep ZENworks in place for desktop management.

Can we leverage ZEN 11 to remove the Novell Client32 and then join the new AD Domain ? Obviously we would first have to perform the ZEN7 to ZEN11 migration for this to work. Also I've heard some horror stories about the ZEN11 migration utility in that the apps and policies are not migrated properly. I've read in the forums that it might be better to rebuild the apps and policies from scratch. We have several snapshot and MSI based apps.

Any suggestions or ideas ? Thanks !