At home i'm testing ZCM11 (sles 11 sp1, ZCM11) on vmware workstation.
My client is an Windows xp Sp3

Going to https:servername/zenworks-setup
and download the agent (standalone x32, .net required)

Starts the setup, and it was going to install...
But, at the end my network was gone (not able to ping something anymore, and lost connection with internet/server)
In the Systray i saw:
ZEnworks preagent process:
Package 59 of 59 (100%)

So i had to reboot the machine manual. and everything was back .
Back in windows, the agent tells me it's complete and restart your machine.
Now i'm trying to register the agent.
But i don't see a zac reg command.
C:\>zac reg
Could not find a command matching request
try --help to display help

With /? i see some commands according to bundle/policy/status. but no register

I've not configured a user source, because i don't have a ldap here at home.
So 2 questions:
1. Why was my network completely down at almost the end of the agent install... (where is the log file?)
2. Where is my zac reg command? (is that because i don't have a user source ???)

* is it btw possible to create a test user, without configuring a user source?

Any help is appreciate