We had v2.0 (20-User eval) then went to v2.1 full version, now we upgraded to 3.0 OnPrem full version.

Upon doing so I noticed that when we went from v2.1 to v3 I have users that have logged on prior end up getting Orphaned. After further investigation it seems that the v2.1 LDAP configuration wasn't working like it should but in v3 it worked great. What it ended up doing was finding the users that I manually added in v2.0 manually and deleted them and imported in the same user that it found in LDAP. So everything I posted previous in v2.0 and v2.1 are showing: ttoepp (Deleted User on mm/dd/yyyy)

So it deleted the account but didn't delete the files and folders which is good, but how do I get the old profile merged with the new profile so I don't have all these orphaned files and the deleted remarks? It appears that it only affected users that had posted something on the system prior to the upgrade, it didn't affect users that had only logged in.

Also I have users that are failing authentication when attempting to login to the Vibe site even though they can login to the Email and can authenticate their computer with the same username/password.