Hi all
Two things - Is there a data\definition file for ZDC with ZCM 11 coming?
And second - I've just run the upgrade to 11. This time from a DVD mounted to the virtual machine (See previous entry). Everything went OK and the logs report success with some minor bits below


[DEBUG] [1/24/11 12:46:09 PM] [] [ZoneConfig] [] [Error retrieving component definitions names] [] []
[DEBUG] [1/24/11 12:46:09 PM] [] [ZoneConfig] [] [com.novell.zenworks.datamodel.exceptions.ObjectNot FoundException: Cannot find a product with the Product ID: com.novell.zenworks.pulsar
at com.novell.zenworks.datamodel.services.licensing.L icensingAdminImpl.isLicensed(LicensingAdminImpl.ja va:607)
at com.novell.zenworks.webservice.zoneconfig.ZoneConf igWebServiceImpl.getComponentDefinition(ZoneConfig WebServiceImpl.java:839)
at com.novell.zenworks.webservice.zoneconfig.ZoneConf igWebServiceImpl.getProductInformation(ZoneConfigW ebServiceImpl.java:558)


[DEBUG] [1/24/11 12:49:42 PM] [] [Loader.Status Storer Module] [] [Processing Status_4b8ad8b75f5b784b8a0f19bdf3032b10_1295833751 140.xml] [] []
[DEBUG] [1/24/11 12:50:54 PM] [] [DiscoveryModule] [] [Exception getting stored credentials: java.rmi.ConnectException: Connection timed out] [] []
[DEBUG] [1/24/11 12:50:54 PM] [] [DiscoveryModule] [] [Marking url as bad] [] []
[DEBUG] [1/24/11 12:51:42 PM] [] [Loader.Status Storer Module] [] [Processing Status_c0de034042a672428e85ddbe3ee0d9b4_1295833884 359.xml] [] []


[FINER][Mon Jan 24 12:29:46 EST 2011][SystemUpdateAdminImpl2][getAssignedSystemUpdateCommands] filterIncludedCommands complete, time: 1818, filtered command list length: 219
[FINER][Mon Jan 24 12:36:24 EST 2011][SystemUpdateAdminImpl2]No update view object found for update: 5011000000d18c113224186fa9b4efc5
[FINEST][Mon Jan 24 12:36:24 EST 2011][SystemUpdateAdminImpl2]Attempting to verify all members of a stage are assigned. updateUID: 5011000000d18c113224186fa9b4efc5 stageUID: 11111111111111111111111111111111 createStatus: false

But (why does there have to be a but!!!) why are the versions for the server still at 10.3.1?
"novell-zenworks-configure -c SystemStatus" reports
"There appear to be a problem with one or more of the Zenworks components - Novell ZENworks Management Agent is installed but not running".
When I check the server from then ZCC the agent status still has the animated 'thingy' going up and down ( not green). It was the same in 10.3.1 and I thought 11 would fix it.
How do I entice to to run?