I was looking at the SOAP WSDL's from my iFolder server (OES2 SP2, so
iFolder 3.8 I think).

I can connect and make calls, using soapUI. That part is easy. What is
tricky is understanding what specifically is needed to:

1) Activate an existing LDAP user to give them an iFolder.
2) Disable an iFolder on a user. (Maybe eDir login disabled is sufficient?)
3) Remove an iFolder for a deleted/disabled user from the file store.

What SOAP web services need to be called to do each of those three tasks?

It is a bit confusing as there is in the Simias webservice:

Registration wsdl has:

Domain WSDL has:

Which are needed, or perhaps, what are the steps needed, so I can figure
it out by function name.