When I try to stop and start the zenworks services, this is what I get:

INFO: Novell ZENworks Service Monitor started
INFO: Novell ZENworks Management Agent started
INFO: Novell ZENworks Server started
INFO: Novell ZENworks Loader started
SEVERE: There was an error starting CASA Authentication Token Service.
Starting casa_atsd.....failed

INFO: Novell ZENworks Preboot Service started
INFO: Novell ZENworks Preboot Policy Service started
INFO: Novell TFTP Service started

I have enabled debug on casaatsd and here is the output of the file /srv/www/casaats/logs/start.log

PID file (/var/lib/CASA/authtoken/svc/casaatsd.pid) found. Is Tomcat still running? Start aborted.

I am not sure how to tell if tomcat is running, and have hit a bit of a brick wall trying to figure this out.. So far I can still log into the zcc and manage workstations. My guess is that the dynamic local users may not work, however I have not had the opportunity to fully test it out. This server was upgraded from 10.3.1 and has been more or less the test run of our zcm experience and only manages a handful of devices, however we were hoping to change this server from test to production soon. Any ideas?