Hi all

I have a client that is slow to upgrade, so I don't have the easy
options of a new server with OES2 Linux at all their sites. (We've just
started at their head office, still have the other offices to deal with
Windows 7 coming in NOW)
So for all the field NetWare 6.5.8 boxes that have a fully functioning
NDPS system, that are fully patched for iPrint, we can manually setup
up WinXP printers pointing to ipp://,
But we can't see any of the NDPS objects in iManager under iPrint, nor
do we get the "In Novell iManager, click iPrint > Enable iPrint
Access." that some docs say are the way to do it.

Q1: Can it actually be done, making the existing NDPS objects fully
iPrint enabled such that we can add Windows 7 drivers to them?
Q2: if answer to Q1 is no, can we have new iPrint server agents running
on the same server at the same time as the older NDPS broker and
manager? (And what catches are there in doing this?)

IManager 2.7.4, w/ iPrint plugin 2.7.0 w/ all 11 standard iPrint roles
showing. They do see the one OES2/SLES10 objects back in head office,
and if I add the Linux iPrint plugin, I can manage them just well

Andy Konecny
KonecnyConsulting.ca in Toronto
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