Hello all,

I'm in the process of installing a reporting server on Linux (SLES10).

This server is one of the primary servers in our ZENworks zone. No problems so far...

Our database is Oracle and the reporting server (obviously) needs a client to connect to this database. I installed the 11g Client of Oracle. I'm new to linux, but I thought I did an OK job on installing the client on linux. I can use tnsping to ping my database and within the netmgr manager gui I can connect to the database using a valid username and password.

so I thought.... so far so good...

So, I mounted the ISO and started the installation of ZRS.

During install, after asking for the Zone Administrator credentials I get the message.

ZENworks Server is configured to an Oracle database.
To proceed with the installation, you must install the
Oracle client.
Press OK to exit the installation

Eeeeuh... I thought I just installed the Client??

I checked (and re-applied, to be sure) the following environment settings: ORACLE_HOME, TNS_ADMIN and LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Any other variables and/or services I can check??

Thanks in Advance...