I apologize if this has been asked previously with older version, but it
is ages since I have looked at Asset Management from an auditing point
of view.

However I have a client who uses ZEN 7.x for application launching and
deployment, group Policy

We are about to upgrade/migrate them to ZCM 11 and use a few more
features. Such as imaging etc etc.

Currently the customer only has the ZCM 11 version that comes from
previously purchasing ZFD 7.x on maintenance.

Today the customer called me and told me Microsoft had audited them,
which went OK. However what they did realise is that they need to
manage who can run licensed Applications and compliance.

They were looking at a product call Express Software express.com.au.
(Personally I haven't used it) Apparently it can tell you when Something
like Project was opened for Read Only purposes and not to write to..

Questions.. (based on my thinking of ZFD7 and ZAM)

1) With the basic (I don't know the correct name ZENworks 11 Advanced
Edition?) version of ZCM 11 what auditing/asset tools are included if any

2) What are the additional components that are included with Asset
Management, that makes it a worthwhile investment.

Thanks for any help here