Hi all
My Patch Management seems to be in trouble. I've hit the "update now" button and the "Patchs" are "In Progress" for the last 7 hours. In Patch Management/Status the "Signature Download" is still "In Progress". "Bundle Download" is "Complete".
Going over the ZCM11 patch management doco the exert below on pg 32 states...

The Patch Management content distribution network is a global cache infrastructure with many servers. Downloading patches from this network requires port 80 (HTTP) access to http://novell.cdn.lumension.com/novell. For security reasons, it is also recommended that SSL access to the internet should be allowed. The SSL option is enabled by default and downloads the lists of patches from a secure and trusted site.

From Firefox on the server I get "File not found" for http://novell.cdn.lumension.com/novell.
Is this doco correct?
If so then I guess I've got a firewall issue. Worked before though!

Cannot contact http://novell.cdn.lumension/novell or http://cdn.patchlink.com/novell either