Over a couple of months we have to do a restore test on another location of all our servers. (do that 1x p/y)

For ZCM: i have
2x Primary ZCM 11.0, SLES 11 SP1. (ESX)
1x External Sybase ZCM 11.0, SLES 11 SP1 (ESX)
1x Satellite, HPdl360 ZCM 11.0, SLES 11 SP1 (PHYSICAL)

Because the severs has a lot of disk space, i was asking myself if it's possible to only restore the first primary server, and the Database server.
Is that working?
I've no closest server rules (at the moment 10.3.0), and the default closest server rule has the 2 primary's in one group.
Satellite is only doing imaging role, so no problem to take that over.
I've test in the past that i can still login with the second primary shutdown.

Hope someone can tell me more.