Man... is this for real ?

Got a customer running ZCM 10.3.1 off course with clients not beeing
able to login. Then, recently Zen stopped supporting the creation of
bundes,etc and threw out a java-error ( this now an OLD SR)

So,, If we have to re-install everything, why not go for ZCM11 ?
Well, just did a clean install on a CLEAN Win2003/64,
Looks fine, feels faster,, only issue so far is off course the

"Unable to login to the network because the credentials or the server
certificate is incorrect"

Maybe it's not that important if the Primary server itself can login,
But this beeing the first issue we see DIRECTLY after have done the
reinstall/reboot ...?? Man...we've giving up. How hard could/should it
be ?

Starting DIRECTLY with seaching for errors ?
Starting to search for these error with the help of a meaningful
"pop-up" or something or am I supposed to start searching for
log-files and go through the online doc's just to see which log and
were ?.......