We have activated the ZESM agent on ZCM11 agent on ZCM11.
Server = 2x primary sles11 zcm11, 1x external sybase sles11 zcm11
Clients are WinXP-SP3 with latest updates.

We now have problems with some usb sticks and other installations like Vmware view agent.

For usb sticks example:
- Sandisk cruzer 4GB (SDCZ36-004G)
I get some random behavior.
- Mostly the first time i put in the stick (installation). i get a BSOD:
1000008e; c0000005; 8054b51a; a8461ba0; 00000000.
- After automatic restart , get a empty content on the usb stick.
- Or i get an time-out, takes too long, explorer is hunging some times.
- sometimes its working without problems.

Vmware view agent:
This one installs a "virtual usb hub" and the found new hardware wizard cannot find the driver anymore. and this also give me a BSOD.

I also have the bug that from tid 7007835 (communication with ZESService has failed)

But what can i do now?
I cannot deploy our vmware view agent anymore and i cannot guarantee the users that an usb stick is working without bsod's or other errors.

For information:
I have not configured endpoint , only activate it with the code (on installation zcm11), so no policies assigned.

Please help.

Kind regards,

Tristan Floor