Maybe that's not supported,,,just testing so NO panic !

- Update; well it looks as if it should be supported.

But, the install went ok on the SuseEnt10/SP3/OES2-SP3,
but, upon reboot, a zen warning pop's-up and states;
can not run 64bit something something on 32bit jvm

--Update 2;
since it's not working/running after a reboot, I instead tried the
uinstaller....well,, that didn't work either....
At least theres a common theme here...

So,, can run it, cant remove it,
looking at the uninstall xml log, it states;
( only the RED/ERROR lines)

3rd line;
could not initliaze class

and 4th line
"empty" no text just error as topic

5th line
checkfileconfigureaction complete