Hi Tod,

Both the Support Forums and the Novell Knowledge-base provide a valuable source of information to customers. Some customers may turn to the Support Foums first while others may try the Knowledge-base. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. A disadvantage common to both is the ability to find required information quickly and easily.

Master TID's are a big help in consolidating important TID's related to a specific product. Some, if not all, already refer readers to the appropriate support forum for additional information. But even Master TID's are sometimes difficult to locate.

The Support Forums, on the other hand, already provide an easy to find source of information related to a specific product or sub-product. New visitors to the Forums, however, often ask the same questions - many of which have already been answered in a TID. By providing a sticky-post that contains a Master TID, or at least a link to one, you can offer forum visitors a quick link into the Knowledge-base and perhaps eliminate the wait for a response in the forum.

I, for one, would find it much easier to refer someone to a sticky-post they may have missed than trying to find an appropriate TID I may have come across some time in the past.