we have changed our dns suffix recently from company.local - to company.lan.

Since then the administration of our iprint in Imanager refuses to work.

iPrint itself works, so we can access to http://servername/ipp and install all the printers.

What does not work:
1. Access to http://servername/psmstatus -> gives a blank page
2. Administrating iPrint items in iManager,
fe: Manage Print Manager - Manager Control -> blank page (Idetification tab works)
Access Control -> ok
Configuration -> blank page

So iPrint works as it is now, but we can't change anything. Any hints where I can start to check what logfiles?

When I try to configure iPrint from another iManager from another Server, I will get the error:
java.net.SocketException: Unexpected end of file from server
IPP Error: 0x1007
System: OES2 SP3 - recently patched.

BTW2: There are also the netstorage and GW Webaccess (8.0.2) pages -> both work well.