I have a small test deployment of ZCM which should go live sometime soon. One primary server (SLES11 SP1 VM running on Citrix Xenserver with 1 vCPU and 4 GB RAM, embedded Sybase database), 5 managed devices deployed so far.

Yesterday I upgraded the server from 10.3.1 to 11. The upgrade went without errors, I could also update the agent on managed devices and from end users point of view there seems to be no problems.

However, I have problems with ZCC. Quite often it happens that I click on some link in ZCC, it starts to load... and loads... and loads... and loads... but the page never appears. Sometimes if I press the Stop button in browser and try some other link, it works, but sometimes it hangs the same way. I have tried this from different PCs with IE and Firefox. On the PC where I am now, the most interesting thing is that when I finally give up, close the browser tab with ZCC, open new tab and enter URL https://myserver/zenworks, even the login page loads indefinitely without ever appearing. If I restart the entire browser, I can get to the login page and log in, but rather soon I'm back at the same problem.

I restarted the server, but this also didn't help. Tried disabling the firewall on server, also no change.

I've looked at the logfiles in /var/opt/novell/log/zenworks, but can't see anything obvious. The only error message that repeats is this in ats.log

2011-02-17 22:25:23,080 DEBUG authtoksvc.Krb5Authenticate Constructor()- GSS Exception caught: No valid credentials provi
ded (Mechanism level: Attempt to obtain new ACCEPT credentials failed!)
2011-02-17 22:25:23,080 WARN authtoksvc.Authenticate init()- Exception instantiating mechConfig or mechanism /etc/CASA/au
thtoken/svc/auth_mechanisms/Krb5Authenticate/mechanism.settings Exception=java.lang.Exception: Failed to instantiate need
ed GSS objects
I'm not sure what it is trying to tell me, but it seems to repeat once every minute, which is maybe not good...

Other than that, are there any other logfiles somewhere that I should be looking at? Or any other ideas how to further troubleshoot this?