we are hard users of Novell iPrint and File services for years (on Netware). But recently we've decided to migrate Novell File services to a EMC NAS box (Samba based). So the only OES feature we will use in a few months will be iPrint; and the cost of the OES 2 licenses is too high if we only use them for printing. So we are thinking on migrating printers either to Microsoft printing (we also are Active Directory users; the Windows Domain/Tree is in sync with eDirectory via IDM 3.6.1), or to SLES CUPS.

Which one is better? Comparing to the iPrint features (Print Profile, AutoUpdate Driver, IPP printing, webpage where you can point to a printer and get it installed, etc ...)
Another thing to keep in mind: we are Zenworks users (and we won't migrate to Microsoft Configuration Managment -former SMS- or anything else !!!!), and we distribute printers via Workstation Policies. I don't know if Linux printers can be distributed in such way ...