I am trying to store an image locally on a zen partition and it is not completing. The computer is a Dell Optiplex 380, Windows 7 64 Bit.

I am following the documentation for a manual image creation from the maintenance mode.

#img -m -local /image.zmg -comp=1 -i=2 -i=3

The Zen partition is 1 and has been resized to 30 gigs.

The image creation process gets to about 80% and then fails with an error of "An error has occurred in the installation."

We have successfully imaged this to the zen server with no problems.

Also an unrelated problem, Whenever the zen partition or a boot CD is used and zenworks says "Please remove any CD's from the drive and press any key to continue". The system hangs and has to be turned off from the power button. On our older Dell models it reboots fine. This will be a problem because when the zen partition checks for work and doesn't find any it is not continuing to boot to Windows and gets stuck.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks