I am having speed issues when I am using the IMG engine to make and restore images of Windows 7. I read somewhere it was due to the symlinking in Win6/7, but this is just horrible:
- Moving the file from the server to the PC through Win7 = 7 minutes (3,6 GB, Win7 64bit)
- Moving the file as a restore task to the PC through IMG = 89 minutes (3,6 GB, Win7 64bit)

Another image:
- Moving the file from server to the PC through Win7 = 5 minutes (2,6 GB, Win7 32bit)
- Through IMG = 49 minutes (2,6 GB, Win7 32bit)

Is it supposed to be like this or is there a fix coming?
I've had this issue with both ZCM 10.3.1 and ZCM 11, I've tried both Windows and SLES servers to move to and from in different firewall zones. There is a 100mbit interface all the way, roughly 7,9 to 9 MB/s filetransfer in Win7 to the said servers.