Hi there,

I have a question regarding the design of the shared storage, necressary for a vibe cluster.

Question is what kind of shared storage can be used for the file repository of a vibe cluster ? Is it necessary to have a cluster aware filesystem or is the logic for the locking inside the tomcat application ?

So now a little bit more details. The environment is still in building phase.
3 Vibe Servers SLES 11 SP 1 x86_64
1 Apache configured load balancer SLES 11 SP1 x86_64
2 Lucene Indexing Server SLES 11 SP1 x86_64
1 MySQL Singel Database SLES 11 SP1 x86_64

At the moment we have a 3 Node SLES "High Availability Environment" Installation on the vibe servers, making a iscsi target with ocfs2 filesystem available to the servers as the mount point for the filestore.

Please do not hesitate to post questions or to contact me (b.knust["at"]web.de for any further questions.

Thanks in advance,
Benjamin Knust