What's the best practice in this case?

I normally have 1 grouppolicy for the user.
Inside that Grouppolicy i have an .ADM file that has settings for vmware view in it.
But that settings are only needed when a user logged in into a virtual machine (vmware)

So i want to create a second Grouppolicy with only the vmware settings. And remove the adm's from the global user grouppolicy.

How does it works?
Will the settings be merged?
Do i have to remove all standaard adm templates from my vmware view template except the vmware view settings, or is it the case that he ignored everything that is "not configured"?

I have the idea that when you edit an GP he shows you all the adm's that are on the local machine and directly copied/use that into your finally uploaded grouppolicy.

Maybe someone can explain me that what's the best way to do that.