The documentation says that iFolder doesn't work well in situations there are many files that need to be kept in sync with each other - like some database applications need to. But that is exactly the environment in which I would like to deploy iFolder so I need to better understand the implications.

What I'm trying to achieve is an automated off-site backup. Each day a small percentage of the application's files change and in the evening the application creates its own propitiatory backup. Each propitiatory backup is a new file whose size is approximately three gigabytes. The only way to achieve an incremental backup is to work with the source directory.

I understand that the remote copy of my iFolder may not have a consistent set of files if the iFolder is synchronized while the application is running and the application is running continuously throughout the day. At the end of the business day, activity quiesces and I may even be able to stop the application while the iFolder synchronizes. That should allow me to obtain a consistent set of files.

My concern is the effect iFolder might have on the running application:
  • When iFolder attempts to synchronize, does it lock the file(s) or prevent other applications from from gaining access?
  • Is it likely to impact the application in other ways I have not considered?

Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.