Hi there...

Our current setup imports users from an LDAP, works like a charm.
To prevent external customers from accessing our personal workspaces I have changed the access rights so that only users of the group "employees" can access the "Personal Workspaces" folder.
This works as expected; if I manually add a user, he/she cannot access anything but their own workspace.
But here's the problem; the new user is "secure" which means that I cannot see his personal profile or workspace when logged in as something else than admin.
It doesn't matter if I add the user as admin or as myself.
This causes a lot of problems as you cannot add the person to a team (he doesn't show up) and you cannot email him/her.
I've tried manipulating the personal workspaces (adding the new user as a visitor) and also fiddling around with the new users personal workspace/profile access controls, but with little result.
What am I missing?