Can someone confirm how this is supposed to work?

My environment has a few primary servers (replication set to every 60 minutes) and many satellites (replication set for 1am-5am).

My goal is to deploy an executable file (upload to zcc) and have it distributed to all devices and launched automatically (without user interaction).

I created a bundle (install files) that installs a batch file and launches it (install file/launch executable). Both actions are set under the install tab. The launch tab is empty.
I configured the distribution schedule to "recurring: when a device is refreshed" and enabled the checkbox "install immediately after distribution". Left the other schedules blank.
Then I did a "distribute bundle now", targeting a workstation. Followed by "Refresh Device"... All from ZCC.

Then on the workstation, I see that the bundle is "Not Installed" (The content for a40c52b9ea4d88b5b073d69ef48c6a5d is not accessible at this time. Please try again later). The closest Server (satellite) does not have the content. I assume that this is because of the replication schedule is not in effect (it's now 12:30pm - not 1-5am).

Is it possible to automatically force the satellite to fetch the content for this new bundle only, regardless of the replication schedule? I don't want to have to run "zac cdp replicate" on all satellites...