Hi all
My news service has died. In fact I don't think it was ever working properly. I did have something from 9 November, 2010 but that disappeared recently and the last entry I have now is from 30 March, 2010.
I'm suspecting wider issues as my patch management has also stopped working after the ZCM 11 update. My server has direct connection to the internet. Anyone know which URLs I should be able to connect to? I suspect the doco is a bit out of date.

My System update entitlement is set to active but no March PRU yet(as at 4/4/11).

All my workstations have updated to 11. When does the 'Update for ZENWorks (11)' switch from 'Ready' to 'Baselined'? Do I just select the update from 'Deploying System Updates' and Action/Cancel deployment?

To set up a NCC subscription where do I get the 'Remote Server Credentials'. I've tried the ones I use to get to the NCC website to get my license codes etc but that doesn't work.

Sorry for all these issues in one hit. I'm hoping that they all point to one fix.

On the good side my servers 'Zenworks Agent Status' has stopped bouncing around and gone green. Several 'zac ref', 'zac info', 'zac inv scannow' and restarts did the trick.