Hi all: Can someone explain to me how to get these freakin' msi files to behave properly in an environment where I may move to a different workstation from time to time? Here is a great example:

I install the zcm remote viewer app on computer A. All is well. I move to computer B and need to remote into another machine so I try to install the remote viewer again. BUT NO, the freakin' msi fails as it can't find a file that resides somewhere in the local profile directory. No freakin' kidding, I am on a different computer.

So now I have to install the msi cleaner from ms to fix the problem. This may work or it may not. Why you ask, because the msi cleanup utility msi installer breaks for the exact reason I am trying to install it to fix. GREAT. So I have to hack the msi cleaner so it will install on computer B to clean up the mess from the first msi install on computer A. And this is progress!!!!!

My brain is leaking out of my ears, Chris.