We have a single server ZCM install, running on SLES. We upgraded from ZCM 10 earlier this week, no problems there. One of our Windows 7 machines has randomly rebooted a couple times this week. When I looked into the event logs, I see that ZESService.exe crashed at the time the reboot happened. Pulling up task manager and killing that process will also cause an immediate reboot. We do not use Endpoint Security, nor do we want it. I don't have the trial installed, but for some reason this is installing when I install the ZCM Agent on Windows 7 machines. I have tested the reboot when killing ZESService.exe on a couple other machines, and it does indeed reboot when ZESService.exe is killed. Is there a way to install the agent on Windows WITHOUT ZESService.exe or any of the Endpoint stuff? Right now I feel like ZCM 11 is a big step backwards.